In product concept stage, we provide the free consultant service to help our customers select the sensor to fit the new product requirement.


In product development stage, we provide the design service to help our customers  create more functionality on new products and shorten the development schedule.


In mmWave field, test is the important thing which may make the product unstable. We could provide the test service to make sure every radar is stable.


In production stage, we could cowork with our customers to make sure the radar installed in the customer’s product could meet customer’s production spec.

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There are many applications found in mmWave radar this year and we will help our customers to create their new products with high value added.

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“We believe mmWave could make people’s life smarter, better and more fearless.”

Bibben Lin, CEO

Trusted Partners

There are many partners in mmWave development field. Including chip vendor, PCB vendor and SMT manufacturer. All of them are world-wide famous company. We will cowork with our partners to build up a mmWave eco-system to create some products to help the people , family and society in the world.

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